Adoption of different learning technologies

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243 EDUCAUSE members


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■ Don’t know: I don’t know what this technology is.

■ No deployment: None of this technology is in place, and no work will be under way or resources committed for this technology in 2016.

■ Tracking: Multiple person-days of effort will be assigned but restricted to monitoring and understanding this technology (much more than just reading articles).

■ Planning, piloting, initial deployment: This technology is not yet available to users; however, meaningful planning for deployment is either in development or in place. Staff are investing significant time (multiple person-weeks of effort) and resources in executing the plan to pilot or deploy this technology within a defined time frame.

■ Expanding deployment: In 2016, we will move from initial or partial to broader or even institution-wide deployment.

■ Institution-wide deployment: Full production-quality technical capability is in place, including ongoing maintenance, funding, etc., with deployment potentially supporting institution-wide access.

(p. 47)