When are people accessing learning?

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2,084 individuals
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In December 2015, 3,563 people took part in a Towards Maturity Learning Landscape™

survey. These were individuals who were taking part in Filtered’s online programmes around the globe. They were largely familiar with online learning and able to select from a range of subjects to meet their needs. The study was set up independently by Towards Maturity to mirror earlier Learner Voice reports about learners in the workplace. 73% of the participants either fully paid or partially paid for their learning with Filtered. Some were indeed employed, but this group of learners were learning independently and in their own time and critically, paying for their own learning outside any workplace. In this report we focus on the responses from these 2,084 individuals.

55% of these learners were from North America/Canada, 27% from the UK



[…] 64% find accessing learning from a mobile device essential/very useful. Although two out of four are able to access learning at their desk, many are taking advantage of short breaks and travel time to use their mobile devices to learn what they need.