Top 5 Learning Technology Priorities

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“Social learning,” as it is often considered to be, is nothing entirely new. Though many new modalities of social learning have emerged in recent years, in many ways it has been around for a long time. But if social learning has long been present, why has the focus on it increased recently? Some believe the answer is related to the fact technology is now mature enough to address the most common concerns regarding social learning in the workplace, such as tracking, recognition, and security.

Additionally, as more Gen Y (millennial) workers enter the workplace, the needs and demands for a more social learning experience will increase exponentially, as such tools and modalities have been a part of this generation’s DNA. Social learning technologies have a huge impact on several enterprise core processes, from recruiting to training and developing talent. And there’s more: results are quickly measurable because social technologies have a direct and obvious effect on performance. The route from social learning to informal learning is very short.