Exploring the Use of E-Textbooks in Higher Education: A Multiyear Study


Three years if data

2012 - 933 students at UCF taking online courses 

2014 - 1181 students at UCF taking online courses 

2016 - 1474 students at UCF taking online courses 


To better understand this changing landscape, our research team at UCF conducted three surveys (in 2012, 2014, and 2016) to assess college students' attitudes and practices concerning e-textbooks. Our research was limited to current practices and attitudes, since the university's restrictive bookstore agreement did not permit an institutional-level initiative to broaden the adoption of e-textbooks.


deNoyelles, A. & Raible, J. (2017). Exploring the use of e-textbooks in higher education: A multiyear study. Educause. Retrieved from https://er.educause.edu/articles/2017/10/exploring-the-use-of-e-textbook...

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