Awareness of licensing of open educational resources

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2711 faculty
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A total of 2,711 faculty responded to a sufficient number of questions to be included in the analysis, representing the full range of higher education institutions (two-year, four-year, all Carnegie classifications, and public, private nonprofit, and for-profit) and the complete range of faculty (full- and part-time, tenured or not, and all disciplines). More than 73% of the respondents report that they are full-time faculty members. Over 26% teach at least one online course and 28% teach at least one blended course.



Open licensing and the ability to reuse and remix content is central to the concept of open educational resources. It is therefore critical to understand faculty awareness of these concepts. Most faculty continue to report a high degree of awareness of copyright status of their classroom content (84% “Very aware” or “Aware”), with 96% expressing some degree of awareness. Awareness of public domain is also very high, with over 90% of respondents reporting some degree of awareness. The level of awareness of Creative Common licensing, on the other hand, is somewhat lower. Less than one-half of faculty say that they are either "Very aware" (19%) or "Aware" (28%), and only 71% report any level of awareness.

Awareness levels have been increasing for all three legal permissions. The 84% reporting that they were “Very aware” or “Aware” of copyright is a small increase over the 80% rate reported last year, and the 78% rate the year before. Awareness of public domain increased very slightly, with “Very aware” or “Aware” totals growing from 69% this year compared to 67% last year and 68% the year before. Awareness levels of Creative Commons have increased the most, with the number of faculty reporting that they were “Very aware” or “Aware” now at 47%, up from 38% last year and 36% the year before that.