Anticipated use of open educational resources

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2711 faculty
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A total of 2,711 faculty responded to a sufficient number of questions to be included in the analysis, representing the full range of higher education institutions (two-year, four-year, all Carnegie classifications, and public, private nonprofit, and for-profit) and the complete range of faculty (full- and part-time, tenured or not, and all disciplines). More than 73% of the respondents report that they are full-time faculty members. Over 26% teach at least one online course and 28% teach at least one blended course.



Faculty members who are not current users of open educational resources were asked if they expected to be using OER in the next three years. Only 6% reported that they were not interested, while an additional 15% had not yet decided and were unable to offer an opinion. A small number of faculty claim that they will use OER in the future (7%), while a larger group (37%) say that they will consider future OER use.


There has been no change in the proportion of faculty who report that they will use OER in the next three years, remaining at the same 7% this year as it was in 2015-16. There has been an increase in the number who report that they "Will consider" OER, growing from 31% in 2015-16 to 37% this year.