Computer Usage to Practice and Review for 4th Graders

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149,400 fourth-graders
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The schools and students participating in NAEP assessments are selected to be representative of all schools nationally and of public schools at the state/jurisdiction and Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) district levels. The results from the 2017 mathematics assessment at grades 4 and 8 are based on a representative sample of 149,400 fourth-graders from 7,840 schools and 144,900 eighth-graders from 6,500 schools who took the assessment on tablets. Samples of schools and students are drawn from each state and from the District of Columbia, and Department of Defense schools. The sample of students participating in the TUDA school districts is an extension of the sample of students who would usually be selected by NAEP as part of the national and state samples. Representative samples of 34,500 fourth-grade and 32,000 eighth-grade public school students from 27 urban districts participated in the 2017 mathematics assessment



* indicates significant difference at <.05 from 2015.